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Do you have a blocked sink and toilet? Or is your outside drain clogged up? Then East London Plumbing are the ones to call. All drains and waste pipes will need cleaning at some point in their operational life. Drains are often subject to abuse from a multitude sources; Scale, silt, grease and foreign objects which inevitably accumulate. It is only a matter of time before the capacity of the pipe and subsequent water flow is reduced or obstructed to create the conditions for a blockage. There are many things that can cause a domestic blockage including:

  • Hair
  • Bodily waste
  • nappies
  • If the problem extends to the main drainage system, then there can be many more reasons for the blockage. In those instances, household items like cans and nappies are just as common as tree roots. There are also pests, typically rats, who have been known to build their nests in drain pipes.

  • Tree roots
  • Tree roots are attracted to drains as a water source and can sometimes crack the pipes.

  • Fat
  • Fat and grease that we tip down our sinks, build up in our drains until finally causing an obstruction where the water can no longer flow.

  • Hair
  • Hair and other foreign objects can build up within a drain and cause an obstruction reducing water flow. Sometimes with a domestic property several outlets become blocked at one time and will need to be looked at by a professional drainage engineer. Express local East London plumbers can be at your door within 30-90 minutes* in an emergency drainage situation. Our experienced, East London Plumbers, drainage engineers will resolve the problem using the latest drainage equipment such as drain jetting, rodding and CCTV drain surveys. The first signs of a blocked drain can be the smell of trapped waste. At this point it is best to seek professional assistance to reduce the chances of a complete blockage or an overflowing drain. East London Plumbers are there for you when you have a drainage dilemma 24 hours* a day, 7 days* a week, 365 days* a year, and we can be with you within 30-90 minutes in an emergency situation.


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